Sunday, October 01, 2006


As tempting as it is to leave that just like that, I have a feeling the all powerful IS (like OZ, but he was, but now ain't, so...) would be less than thrilled.
SOooo...let me just say that my favorite college team (I swear by Ilinois, the whole Illinois, and nothing but Illinois) still will suck this year. At least at football. You know what hurts Illinois football recruiting? Illinois football playing. Still, for one glorious, fluky, get the Michigan State coach fired kind of day, the Juice was loose (like anyone could resist that line) and the consecutive loss streak will have to start over. Wheee!

Is there still a gymnastics squad? Badminton? Backgammon? Jacks?

Until basketball season, until next time, be good.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...


2:19 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

Sorry, I was confusing the game with my favorite part of the other white meat. Although, Pigmania does take both into account. Whatever.

12:12 PM, October 02, 2006  
Anonymous Frank the Tank said...

We've got Indiana and Ohio (as in the Bobcats as opposed to the OSU Buckeyes) at home the next two weeks, which means the season all of the sudden looks a little brighter. I wasn't happy with the flag-planting attempt, though.

2:27 PM, October 03, 2006  

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