Friday, November 10, 2006

Sports, Sports and More Sports

Last night's sports happenings in Chicago and from around the world (or what I think really matters)...
  • LeBron pranced around like primadonna, Drew Gooden dropped shots like Adrian Dantley, Ben Gordon couldn't find the bucket if he were a special guest of KFC's Colonel and Tyrus Thomas looked like the second coming of Marcus Fizer. With a record of 2-3, ask me if I'm worried about the Bulls yet. Nope. If there are any ledge jumpers after five games, they're in serious need of a life. Ask me if I disappointed they lost. Yes. Giving LeBron and Co., any sort of a mental edge will work against the Bulls down the road. And Drew Gooden is making a nice complementary piece to the Cleveland Cavalier puzzle.
  • When is a loss not a loss? Try when the Blackhawks (yes, they've registered as a blip on my radar screen again) actually gain a point. The final score says 2-1(so) New Jersey Devils, but by virtue of making it to overtime and then into a shoot out, the Blackhawks were awarded their first point in eight games. Sure it says loss in the standings, but a point is a point, and after the slump the Blackhawks have been in lately they'll take a whole bunch of shoot out losses. Tuomo Ruutu scored the lone regulation goal for the 'Hawks. I guess kudos to Brian Boucher who stop 27 shots before the shoot out. Shoot out, shut out, home game t.v. black out, Havlat & Khabibulin out, Wirtz still not sure does make me wanna pout.
  • First no Gold Glove and now no knife work for Joe Crede; he's elected to stablize and strengthen his ailing back with an intense 6-8 week rehab program. The arbitration eligible 3rd baseman will trust in the award-winning hands of Herm Schneider and crew to cure what ails the object of many Sox fans affections. Here's hoping Hermy's fingers know the "resign with the White Sox long term" subliminal messaging when he's touching Joe's back , legs or whatever part of his body he has to touch.
  • In other White Sox news, Bobby Jenks is consulting a nutritionist. Really? Will the nutrionalist keep Bobby from driving past Jewel and getting the shakes? If I could ever wish anorexia or bulemia on someone, it would be Bobby Jenks.
  • It's been less than a week after the Bears one loss and already the vultures are out in force, but somehow I don't see any point in the crowing the New York Giants are making. The back-up runningback for the Giants, Brandon Jacobs, says he can't wait to put a big hit on Superman, I mean, Brian Urlacher, and Plaxico Burress is ripping the Bears' cornerbacks. It's one thing when an All-Pro like Jason Taylor talks about not being -- he can back it up and did. It's quite another when a back-up and a nincompoop open their chops. It's easy to beat a man when he's down, but when he gets back up...Burress and Jacobs better have their heads on a swivel Sunday night.
  • Notre Dame's BCS Championship hopes just got a boost and they didn't even play a game. Undefeated Rutgers beat until-last-night, undefeated and #3 ranked Louisville 28-25. I'm happy for Rutgers, as dormant a football program as Northwestern used to be, but answer me this: why aren't they being touted for the National Championship game? And how far up the rankings will Rutgers jump after this weekend? They were previously ranked #15. Can they be taken seriously? If they beat West Virginia in their season-ending game, I say yes. But I hope they lose one more game, for ND's sake.
  • And finally...the Cubs resigned Wade Miller. Who cares.


Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

In reverse order: Wade Miller.

Of course ND didn't actually play Rutgers-too many wins by Rutgers. When they were bad the 'Domers didn't schedule them either. Must have seen this coming.

It's Monday, so we all know that Burress did nothing special. Dope.

It is bad manners to wish debilitating diseases on somebody. Having said that, we should all be worried that Bobby Jenks doesn't eat the nutritionist.

Just out of wild curiosity, what awards do trainers win? As far as his fingers and Crede, are you implying a "don't ask, don't tell" scenario?

Blackhawks are still terrible due to injuries. Why did only their good players get hurt? Why not the fourth line wing?

Marcus Fizer? Really? What did Thomas ever do to you? Ben Gordon is making an excellent case for increased bench-warming time. On the other hand, if Sefolosha doesn't turn into a poor-man's version of Pippen in two years, he will never turn into anything. I wouldn't be stunned if he was starting by the end of the year, depending on the progression/ regression of the other guards not named Hinrich.

12:26 PM, November 13, 2006  

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