Friday, October 06, 2006

The Great Sports Coaster: Your Friday Links

It's been a long couple days here at Fleece & Flog's home pad. We've had to be vigilant over the Pop's health issues all while balancing sports, sports and more sports. So we said fuck it and just came home to a day of Chinese food, blog commenting and male bonding with the Pops. And if that news doesn't scare off the readers, maybe another pic of Gary Gnu will do the trick. So without further ado...

(I especially like the hockey stick for the sports effect.)

  1. Grossman for MVP? After 4 games? Is Don Pierson smoking dope? You be the judge.
  2. See, I'm not the only person with a Blackhawks season preview. Criminal Appeal gives his view.
  3. Expect some season ending purging from the guys at ChiSox Blog.
  4. I didn't really like Scoop Jackson before I read this lucid and "civil" piece concerning him and his antagonist, Jason Whitlock.
  5. Ben Wallace really doesn't like Flip Saunders.
  6. What exactly is White Guilt and why should it matter to me? Very thoughtful interview piece with Shelby Steele.
  7. A stompingly bad week for Albert Haynesworth. He really needs a hobby.
  8. Maybe we can hire Jerry Krause to do what this guy is doing in Toronto.
  9. If Dan Shanoff thinks transparency in poll balloting is important, so do we.
  10. Here's an update on the Foul Balls "Jack-vs-Jill" wager.
  11. Oh, and a mini-preview of tomorrow's ND-Stanford game by looking back at the ND-Purdue game.
  12. We always root for Chicago-born and bred athletes, and now Quentin Richardson has made us proud again.
And as always, "No g-news is good g-news!"


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