Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Hail the Big Skirt


Sally Boy!

Sissified Crybaby!

mvp caliber hitter (yes, I'm hiding the truth in small letters)

The second coming of Sandy Koufax (Johann Santana) couldn't overcome the all-time greatest hitter in White Sox history. Too bad the all-time greastest in White Sox history was playing for the Oakland Athletics. In the opening game of the ALDS, Frank Thomas cranked two homers against the Minnesota Twinkies, and led the A's to victory, 3-2.

Umm, the White Sox are looking for a right handed power hitter to platoon with Jim Thome. Does Kenny Williams have it in him to admit he's wrong and hire Frank back for, oh, say, $5-10 million per year so he can retire a White Sox? I highly doubt it.

And in happier Chicago news today...

The Chicago Bulls opened training camp today!!!!! Serious player previews to come in the next few days.


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