Friday, October 06, 2006

Fleece & Flog's Playoff Recap #2

Thursday's name of the game was pitching, as each one of the three games featured some I've-got-big-balls pitching performances.

Detroit Tiggers defeat the New York Spanks 4-3
(The best of 5 series is tied: 1-1 )

Is Mark Mussina related to Mark Buehrle? He looked like a righty version of our bile-tastic pitcher giving up a run an inning in the 5th, 6th and 7th in taking the loss. Southside native Curtis Granderson, a power-minded Lance Johnson clone if I ever saw one, had 2 RBIs, and Marcus Thames had three hits, an RBI and 2 runs scored for the Tiggers. And who said African-Americans aren't playing baseball anymore?

And a rookie shal lead this team too. Justin Verlander, a pitcher we Sox fans know all too well, pitched 5.1 innings giving up just a Johnny Damon 3-run HR, and was backed up ably by those studs in the Tigger bullpen. If the Tiggers time this right, winning the WS can coincide right with Devil's Night so they won't have to blame the team for burning the city down.

St. Louis Cardinals defeat the San Diego Padres: 2-0
(Cards lead the best of 5 series: 2-0)

I hate Jeff Weaver, and had I realized he was a Cardinal, I might not be rooting for our neighbors and fellow Cub's-haters down Interstate 55. Weaver, the catalyst behind the 2000 Tiggers-White Sox brawl, pitched shutout baseball for 5 innings before giving way to a pararde of Cardinal relievers.

Don't sweat it, San Diego. Before everything is said and done, Landanian Tomlinson will be considered one of the all-time greatest running backs ever. Wait. Huh? How did a football reference get in a baseball post?

New York Mets defeat the LA Dodgers: 4-1
(Mets lead the best of 5 series: 2-0)

Tom Glavine, the 132 year-old lefty, threw 6 innings of shutout baseball, and for one inning the Dodgers and Mets imitated the Keystone Kops leading to two unearned runs, a runner thrown out at home and bevy of FCs at second base. This series ranks a lofty 6.9 on the unintentional comedy scale and it only gets better. Two former Cubs oppose one another in game 3, Steve Trachsel versus Greg Maddox. They'll be serving a lot of Maalox in Wrigleyville on Saturday.

On the Friday preview front:

3:05 PM CST on ESPN

The Big Hurt and the Oakland Athletics look to complete the sweep of Minnesota Twinkies in California today. Brad Radke, he of the no working shoulder parts, will probably be pitching the final game of his career against Danny Haren. Frank Thomas in his 64 career at-bats against Radke has hit a paltry .234 with 5 HRs and 11 RBIs with 14 Ks and only 4 BBs. And if the A's sweep, I may just go trolling at a few Twinkies blogs. I hate the Twinkies.

7:05 PM CST on ESPN

Why is it not surprising that theYankees are in the prime time slot again? I suppose I should just quit crying about it since there ain't much I can do to change it. But you would think that the California game be broadcast later to accomodate the sommelier crowd. Not so when 3 million douchebags raise their voice as one. Isn't Disney based in California; aren't Californians one of the core constituencies of Disney, Inc.? Do the boys in Bristol really wield that much power over 34 million residents in California? I know, I know, they had to travel all day because of the rain-out; that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. By the way, two more old fogey lefties, The Big Unit (let the penis jokes commence) and The Gambler (the singer should sue), face off in the nightcap.

Predictions? In honor of my friends at Foul Balls and the mommy-and-daddy money fight they're having, I'll say Oakland sweeps the Twinkies and the Yankees make the Gambler and the Tiggers fold.

Damn, no childish penis jokes yet.


Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

Except for the guy who wrote it.

(Sorry, that was wide open.)

10:51 AM, October 06, 2006  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Very funny, see, I can take a joke.

11:18 AM, October 06, 2006  

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