Sunday, October 08, 2006

Obligatory Notre Dame Recap/ CFB Ramblings

(Editor's Note: Recaps are so much easier to write. There's an immediate focus -- the game itself -- and you don't have to mince words so much. If someone sucked, you say they sucked. In the words of Hawk Harrelson, "I love recaps." Also check out Jeeves' commentary below concerning the new time clock rules and how they screwed the U. of Washington out of an upset over USC. Good stuff.)
Notre Dame 31
Stanford 10

Bustin' out the shamrock today cuz we're moving on up!

The Golden Child or Mr. Quarterback McDreamy (yes, I, too, have heard the Patrick Dempsey/ Grey's Anatomy inspired name) may have thrown his name back into the Heisman conversation with his 27 of 37, 232 yd, 3 TD performance against the Cardinal of Stanford. He found 7 different receivers yesterday including 7 completions to the Caucasion Sensation, Jeff Smardjiza.

Darius Walker had a fine day in sun-soaked Notre Dame Stadium running for 153 yards on 25 carries and 1 TD. Yeah, that's a 6.3 yards per carry average! We even got to see a little of the future of the Notre Dame running attack in Aldridge and Prince today.

But back to Darius Walker for a minute.

When Brady Quinn thanks his o-line for protecting his future NFL millions, he'd better throw a nod Darius's way. More than a nod even; he'd better kiss Darius's ass cuz it was Darius who blew up many a blitzing linebacker and defensive back in yesterday's game. (He himself got blown up on a few blocks, but stood in the way long enough for Brady to get the pass off.) Lovie Smith of the Bears intimated recently that the reason Cedric Benson hasn't seen that much of the field is for fear that he might not know his blocking assignments. If that's the case, why don't they just draft Darius walker right now. He chopped every blitzing safety, slobber-knocked a few linebackers and helped out the tackles a few times when the defensive ends would get the corner. Oh, by the way, Darius caught 6 passes yesterday too. I'm not sure if he's big enough for an every-down runner or fast enough for a scat-back to make it in the NFL, but Darius Walker is my player of the game against Stanford.

One more thing about the game, and, more specifically about Stanford. If they are called the Cardinal (not the plural Cardinals by the way), why is their symbol/ mascot a tree? I'm sure I can look it up and find out, but I'd rather hear it from someone out in cyberland. (And once again, I'm dreadfully lazy.)

Other CFB notes from a few of yesterday's games ...

-Arkansas 27 (#2) Auburn 10: I watched a lot of this game and I came away thinking 3 things.
  1. Mitch Mustain is one lucky son of a bitch. But that luck started the ball rolling. Midway thru the first quarter with game still up in the air Mustain, with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink blitz baring down on him, threw an ill-advised, off-the-backfoot, flightless-as-a-penguin pass that had the Auburn defensive back, unit, coaches and fans thinking interception for 6 points. Too bad for them Marcus Monk had other ideas. He somehow managed to pilfer the ball away from the DB (who fell down more out of embarrassment in my opinion) and took it 50 yards to the house for the TD.
  2. Arkansas can run the friggin' football. 284 yards on the ground against a defense that was considered to be the best in college football.
  3. If ND is overrated as many people say, Auburn shouldn't even be in the rankings. Okay, hyperbole aside, this Arkansas team lost to USC 50-14, so what does that say for Auburn's, and for that matter USC's, rankings? I'm guessing Auburn takes a huge tumble in the standings this week.
-Three other teams ranked ahead of Notre Dame lost on Saturday. #9 LSU lost to #5 Florida (23-10), #10 Georgia lost to #13 Tennessee (51-33), and #11 Oregon last to #16 Cal (45-24). Add to losses the Auburn defeat, and Notre Dame returns to the lower half of the Top Ten rankings, and is on schedule for a ticket to a BCS Bowl.

-USC escapes the University of Washington 26-20, and Jeeves is mad as hell at the NCAA about it. You see he's a UCLA fan, you know, that other university in LA that brought you such stellar athletes as Lew Alcindor, Troy Aikman and my all-time fave, Cade "I stole my best friend's Playmate girlfriend and then got dumped by her anyways" McNown.

-From the it-was-good-while-it-lasted department...the Fighting Illini 32 Indiana 34, and their one game win streak in the Big Ten is over. I imagine my friend Soxually Repressed will have a thing or two to say about this game, but I'd just like to point out that, for the Illini, losing at home to an Indiana team that had previously lost to SIU and UConn wouldn't be considered all that bad -- if they were playing them in basketball! Did I mention the Illini had a 22-7 lead at one point in this game? Did I mention that there was exactly 0:01 left on the time clock when Indiana kicked the GW FG? Did I mention that trying to plant a flag in the middle MSU's field after the upset win last week probably didn't endear the Illini to the football gods, and that in order to restore good karma to the Illini Ron Zook will have to be flogged naked at half time when the #1 team in the nation, the Ohio State Buckeyes, pay Champaign Illinois a visit on November 4th? It must be done; we don't need these mistakes in judgement affecting the whole athletic program at Illinois. I mean, we do have a pretty good basketball program to think about.

-Northwestern 9 Wisconsin 41: Pat Fitzgerald is probably finding coaching a little more difficult than playing was. I had the misfortune of playing against Pat in high school, and his Sandburg teams teams spanked my Reavis teams repeatedly. Oh, for a Notre Dame v. Northwestern game, so I can enjoy a small measure of revenge.


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