Thursday, December 14, 2006

National Sports Round Up!

The Boston Red Sox just gave the their new Japanese import more than fifty million dollars to pitch after giving over fifty million just for the rights to negotiate with him. This on the heels of signing J.D. Drew to a long term seventy million dollar agreement. Four points of interest.
1)Our trade deficit with Japan just grew instantaneously and exponentially.
2)For seventy million dollars it is hard to imagine not agreeing to almost anything.
3)Boston now has one player they wish they didn't need a translator for, and one they wish they did.
4)The Red Sox just invested 170 million dollars in two players who will only play every fourth or fifth day.

Allen Iverson wants out of Philadelphia. Again. For real this time. The problem for the team is that the market for a fading (probably former)All-Star with a sub-exciting shooting percentage isn't a seller's market. Iverson depends too much on throwing his body pinball-style toward the basket. That equates to a good deal of wear and tear on a body not built for rugby. Plus, where can/will he go and either be the new number one guy, or even more unlikely, the happy new second banana? Has anyone heard of Gary Payton? (Ironically, Miami.)

Terrell Owens now says he "faked" his eary season injury because his feelings were hurt. Seems someone within the Cowboys organization leaked about Owens being late to practice and meetings. Too bad Dallas couldn't have "faked" signing the moron. In other "hurt feeling" news seven year old Becky Fremd from Keokuk, Iowa was sad when her lollipop fell on the floor. The Cowboys presumably declined comment on both instances.

P.J. Brown sat out with a sore foot from a comfortable Bulls win against the Ray Allen-less Sonics. Barbaro, coming off a foot injury was still unavailable for action. His agent was quoted however, as saying that the one time phenom was "champing at the bit".

N.I.U. couldn't lose for winning. Explanation: By not winning their conference, the Huskies have to suffer in the warmth and sunshine of San Diego. Every other MAC team to receive a bid went somewhere colder. A great way to fail upwards.

Lamar Hunt, last remaining founding investor of the Chicago Bulls, founder of the AFL and Dallas Texans (which you might know as the Kansas City Chiefs), and coiner of the term SuperBowl (after watching his kids play with a Superball), died December 12,2006. When told by the NFL he couldn't buy a team and move it to Texas, did what the USFL and the XFL couldn't, started his own successful league. So successful was his league that he ended up with an NFL team anyway; when the AFL merged with the NFL in 1966.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this foray into the seamy underbelly of the Repressed's sport pysche.
Happy ChristmaHannaKwanzadan and as always, be good.


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