Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Next Sox Step: Centerfield? Lead-off?

The White Sox traded Freddy Garcia to Philadelphia for a (so-far) bust, and a guy they gave to Philly a year ago to get Peoria Jim Thome. The move is blatantly geared at saving money just as much as it is to creating a spot in the rotation for Brandon McCarthy. The fact the two arms headed this way are young doesn't hurt Kenny William's feelings either. Added to this; Gavin Floyd has two things that Garcia lacks. The potential of youth and a cheaper contract. Some clubs are willing to trade for a young arm with a good contract if they have enough of another position to swap. Say, for instance, Floyd for someone like Rocco Baldelli. Baldelli is young, cheap, and oh, by the way, plays a fair bit of centerfield. Add to this that Baldelli has young(er) guys under him that his organization would like to see. The Sox could do worse.

Are there better guys to go after? Probably, but at what cost? The price for players like Cantu, or Carl Crawford keep climbing. As has been amply evidenced, Kenny Williams seems loathe to sacrifice his four year board for a one year bump, especially if that bump isn't a guarantee to make a dramatic difference. See last year's trade of Williams' favorite Rowand for aging, injury-recovering, unspeedy hitting monster Thome. Obviously not made for four years down the road. Plus, Vasquez had to be one of the more expensive fifth starters not employed by the Yanke(r)s.

Hence, expensive, fading, toking, un-Fast Freddy is shipped away for the same high prospect the Sox reluctantly gave up to obtain Thome. For the math-at-home crowd, this pretty much equates to Garcia and Rowand for Floyd and Thome. Obviously the Sox think (and fans hope) they can mine some gold from former Philly phenom Floyd (f-f-PH-ph-F, triple word score in alliteration Scrabble!) using Don Cooper as the sifting pan.

Posednik will be used as trade bait, make no mistake. Williams isn't the only GM that loves cost-certainty. Look for a couple of minor-leaguers to be thrown in the mix. Nobody sets the hook like Williams. (Go ahead, you're all saying to yourselves, "He's a Master Baiter". Terrible, simply terrible.) Williams, and Guillen, will get their coveted speedy leadoff guy. There is a lot time between now and opening day, let alone the trade deadline. The Winter Meetings are a good diversion in the crappy baseball dull days of December. They are by no means the end of the roster changes. It is called the hot stove league for a reason. Note:Just because somebody says Alex Rodriguez is coming to the Sox, it doesn't make it true. Kenny Williams can only make Scott Boras so happy. (We knew Crede was too good to be true.)

For those who might say that the White Sox traded Garcia away too soon; remember, it is always better a year too soon than a year too late. Too late is always too late. Fear not true believers, something will happen. Maybe multiple somethings.

That's all for now, have a Happy ChristmaHannaKwanzadan.Don't forget to be good.


Blogger Jeeves said...

I prefer fixing the leadoff spot, because that would eliminate Pods.

11:41 PM, December 12, 2006  
Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

I prefer anything that would eliminate Pods. Just thinking that barring a Ricky Henderson clone (which they are working on in Switzerland as we spe-I mean type) falling from the sky, if Williams can get a stud-dish outfield that isn't a leadoff, the Sox could/would move Iguchi there. His numbers are better than Posedniks. Decent average, OBP., speed, power...Come to think of it, HE is a lesser version of Henderson. Take that Switzerland!

11:51 AM, December 13, 2006  

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