Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fleece & Flog's NFL Top Five: Week 13

Too much of a good thing always seems to result in a backlash of sorts. Finding flannel on the runways and catwalks of the fashion world in the '90s had as much to do with Kirk Cobain's death as did the shotgun hole in the back of his head. Michael Jordan's wearing of baggy shorts have lead to the creation of men's capri pants 20 years later. And too much sun worship can lead to a healthy dose of melanoma or at the least being the object of affection to all cobblers.

And now Power Rankings are beginning to feel a backlash. Of course they started back in Old Testament days when Moses decided instead of dealing with sins on a case by case basis he'd make a list of things the Israelites just shouldn't do, and ever since the world and history and mankind have been wrapped up in the making of lists of things most important.

Like who should face the Ohio State Buckeyes for the National Championship.

Or who's the greatest rock band of all time.

Or who's the sexiest female of all time.

With the addition of the globe-shrinking internet and free speech machine blogs everyone, their mother, brother, sister, dog, and dust mites, have ideas or thoughts as to who is number one and everyone is saying so. And some people are sick of all the power lists. Sure they belittle the thought process even though they're generally followed by some explanation of as why the rankings are as they are. Sure they support the A.D.D. afflicted culture have helped turn a generation of people into blurbettes. But the thing about Power Rankings that makes them so accessible is that they're fun -- fun to create, fun to discuss and fun to discredit.

And I don't care if anyone thinks I'm small minded, I'm gonna keep giving you Fleece & Flog's Top Five until I too put a shotgun in my mouth.

Onto the Top Five-----------------------------------
  1. Indianapolis Colts (10-2): Yes, they lost this week, and to the Tennessee Titans no less, but the Colts have Peyton Manning and...
  2. Da Bears (10-2):...Have Rex Grossman. The Bears defense can only shake their head from time to time wondering what's going on with Rex. One more thing, Devin Hester is a legit Rookie of the Year candidate.
  3. San Diego Chargers (10-2): I didn't realize they were tied for the best record until I looked up the standings this morning. Are they the quietest 10-2 team ever? Maybe not, but they've played a lot of close games and had a few miracles happen which means they only get the 3 slot.
  4. New England Patriots (9-3): Troy Brown is really such a throwback, two-way player. His masseuse bill has to be outrageous.
  5. Dallas Cowboys (8-4): Wow, does it feel good to put another NFC team on these rankings finally. And the Bears had better watch out come playoff time for this team. Who the heck is Tony Romo?
So there you have it once again, my foray into the mind numbing world of Power Rankings. You don't like it? Take it up with the management, and I'll sic the resident arguer of this blog, Soxually Repressed, on your ass.


Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

If you had written the Constitution, the first part would have been called The PreRamble.

The Chargers are probably better than the other two teams they share a record with. Better running than the Colts, better running than the Bears (sorry Mr. Benson)and better passing than the Bears (Mr. Grossman is sorry), good defense.

Tony Romo is a proud alumni of Eastern Illinois Unversity.

As far as the Bears, their only concern come playoff time will be their quarterback play. If that is settled, who they play won't matter. If it isn't, who they play won't matter.

3:58 PM, December 05, 2006  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Well, I'd talked Grossman the last two weeks in the opening section of the NFL Top Five, and I was just exhausted thinking about his shitty play (thanks to Criminal Appeals for aptly typing up that description on his blog, Ron Karkovice Fan Club), not to mention I've read a bit lately besmirching power rankings so it just made sense.

9:06 PM, December 05, 2006  

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