Friday, November 24, 2006

The Great Sports Coaster Is Back!

After a week's hiatus -- more because we're lazy than any other reason -- the great link dump day is here again. Add the recent Bulls slide to the mix and my brain has been somewhat paralyzed when it comes to thinking rationally. I need the Bulls to do well, or I might go all Colonel Nathan Jessup on someone and skull fuck his ass.

But in the interest of getting out the vote, or reading is fundamental, or a mind is a terrible thing to waste, or whatever catchphrase is popular right now, here's a few links that might help educate a man or woman or maybe just confuse the ever-living piss outta them.

I cannot and will not be held responsible for your reaction to the below links. I will, however, laugh at your ass.
  1. So when does Forbes put out that richest people in the world list, and who on Fornelli's list won't make that list? (Foul Balls)
  2. Following Frank the Tank's theory I should have rooted for the Detroit Tigers, right? (Frank the Tank's Slant)
  3. I actually emailed The Southtown's Joe Cowley once. The guys at The Big Lead really don't like him. (The Big Lead)
  4. Gary Matthews made a killing this off-season, and here's one White Sox fan thankful it wasn't in Chicago. (Sox Machine)
  5. Jeeves thinks the BCS is a mess. Don't we all? (ChiSox Blog)
  6. Another White Sox Fan with a Cubs/ Soriano rant. (Ron Karkovice Fan Club)
  7. Remember the song, "Detachable Penis"? Well, it looks like life actually imitates art on a very big scale. (Deadspin)
  8. Another arena/ stadium with a name too big for a billboard? Geez. (28 Days)
  9. Bull's fans air their grievances. Of course, mine is the first comment! (Blog-A-Bull)
  10. This week's non-sports link is a review of Bobby from the very underrated Chicago Reader. (Chicago Reader)
  11. Non-sports link #2. My buddies play in a band. Their band is playing at O'Malley's in Alsip tonight. Join Us! (Imperial DLX)
And that's all the news that's fit to print. So remember boys and girls, as Gary Gnu always says, "No gnus is good gnews."


Blogger DickdaStick said...

DickdaStick: "Our Lady of Victory..."

S.R.: "... Pray for us !!"

5:06 PM, November 25, 2006  

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