Monday, November 20, 2006

Cubs Magic

Look over here kids, watch the beautiful assistant (high-priced left-fielder[?]), while your Uncle Jim looks to pull a rabbit (decent starting pitcher) out of his hat(his, well, you can guess).

The Cubs made the biggest splash they believed they could. They signed Soriano. If you wanted Barry Zito, you should have been born a New Yorker. Mark Buerle will be a St. Louis Cardinal before Zito is a Cub. Instead, they signed a guy to play a position he actually sat out a game to not have to play. His formidable offensive numbers scream for a 3-5 slot in the line-up. The problem is when he actually is put there in the line-up, he isn't so good. So lead off it is.

So how does that solve the Cubs pitching woes? It doesn't. Granted, it isn't the best year on record for free agent pitchers. Still, Soriano makes for better headline, if not so much better scoreline. He is an undeniable talent, but unless he can take the mound every fifth day, he won't help the Cubs into the playoffs alone. Hendry looks to have have fallen into the Alex Rodriguez-trap. Ask Texas and even the Yankees how they would love better pitching to actually win playoff games. As a White Sox fan, one could not be happier that the Cubs have decided to tie up their future so misplacedly. The Cubs seem to be hoping that they can get a medium-tier guy or two, and then get lucky that three or four of the starters pitch above all previous expectations (ala 05 Sox). Talk about a magic act. It would be nice to wish them luck, but, um, no it can't be done. It shouldn't take too long for the wheels to fall off this wagon. When they do, the Cubs band will be playing a different, more familiar song. Everybody join in if you know the words, it starts like this: Wait 'til next year...

Until next time, be good.


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