Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Chicago Bulls Time Capsule

Today, we at Fleece & Flog are going to take a look back into the past at days of Bulls victories gone by. I thought with the drubbing the Bulls took at the hands of the Orlando Magic last night (109-94 loss) maybe Bulls fans could do with a little happy memory. Unlike Mark McGwire we are here to talk about the past be it thru steriod-tinted glasses or not. So let's dig back into the glorious past all the way back to Tuesday, October 31, 2006.

God, I remember it like it was the day before yesterday.

Remember that glorious game? You Bulls fans not afflicted with Alzheimer's disease and below the age of 70 can look back with a wistful smile and see bling adorned everywhere. That was the Heat's ring ceremony, remember?

Then NBA commissioner, David Stern was on hand to present a gracefully aging Shaquille O'Neal with his 4th championship ring and budding superstar and Richards High School alum Dwayne Wade with his first ring. I remember smiling for D-Wade, do you?

But I also remember wanting to blast the diamonds outta Alonzo Mourning's bling, the ceremony was so frivolous and gaudy. I remember the unseemly spectacle, do you?

When I look back, I can remember how the Bulls scored 17 of their 22 first quarter points via free throws and then newcomer Ben Wallace, he of the career 41.9% at the free throw line, hit all one of his attempts giving him a perfect 100% at the line for season. Last night the grizzled old Bulls vet was back to his putrid ways going 2-4 from the line. Oh, for the good old days.

When I look back, I see a suddenly dead-eyed Chris Duhon scoring shooting 7-8 from the field including 3-3 from beyond the arc. Last night Du's 2-6 from three point land sure made this Bulls fan yearn for the days of .719 shooting from downtown. Oh, what once was.

When I look back, Kirk Hinrich as vituoso point guard with an unheard of assist/ turnover ratio of infinity seems so long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. We Bulls fans now have to settle for Kirk's Randy Brown-like 1.4/ 1 rate. If only he could return to his Stockton-like ways.

When I look back, a Bulls defense holding teams to a .385 shooting percentage seems light years away after last night's .589 by Orlando. Then again this is a trip down memory lane, a remembrance of great days gone by, so smile again and remember that glorious night in Miami so long ago.

And remember when Tyrus Thomas played for the Bulls, he of rebound, put-back dunks over Shaq that only the Mon-stars of Space Jam fame could even fathom? Now-a-days, Ty doesn't even play. He's too busy getting hurt and fitted for masks and sleeping in Chicago when his team is on the road playing a tough opponent. The wiley ol' vet sure knows how to work the system.

I even remember the rookie Thabo Sefalosha in his rookie debut. The shy but lengthy swingman was perfect from the field that night way back when, playing defense, running the floor. Now he's getting 20 minutes a game, only shooting .818 from the field, making me yearn for the stammering and stuttering Ron Harper. Why couldn't Thabo just stay perfect as he did so long ago? Where have you gone, Bulls of old?

The only Bull who seems remotely together now-a-days is Ben Gordon. Last night's 24 points certainly don't recall his 1-9 shooting that night long ago in Miami. But his 1-5 from beyond the arc just can't quite match the bold and beautiful .538 from out there in the wonderful winning days of yore.

I can remember the day, every suited Bull played, every suited Bull scored, every suited Bull had a rebound, every suite Bull had an assist. Last night about the only thing every suited Bull had was a scowl. Scott Skiles was losing more hair, and Michael Sweetney was ordering take out pizza for the plane ride home to Chicago. I miss the days of champagne and caviar on South Beach. Of course I lived vicariously thru those Bulls since I've never been to the southern tip of Florida, but is nice to look back and remember.

This time capsule look back has been a wake up for me. Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up so much. Maybe I shouldn't think the Bears would lose before my Bulls would. Maybe I'd better be prepared for a season of ups and downs. Maybe I shouldn't fuck my walls into Swiss cheese in glee at every 42 point win the Bulls produce this season cuz they aren't gonna happen that often.

But I will always have Tuesday, October 31, 2006. The days make the memory go cloudy.


Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

Two nights in a row that Sefolosha looked good. They were plus-8 with him on the floor and minus-23 without him. He should get a look really early on next time Skiles wants a defensive spark or added athleticism on the floor.

10:07 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

Two injuries nearly guarantee T.S. more early playing time. Added curiosity: If (big if, sure) he blossoms as the Bulls hope he will, how expendable/tradeable does that make Ben Gordon when the time comes to renew/extend his contract? Especially if Gordon doesn't progress significantly (i.e. can play more/better minutes, not just the fourth quarter)?

9:52 AM, November 03, 2006  

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