Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Bear Droppings

As an upfront non-Bears fan, nobody should be surprised by a lack of love for the local QB. However, due most likely to indifference there is also no great hatred. What is odd is, what is thoroughly perplexing is the complete venom with which some Bears fans have for the franchise quarterback. He had one bad game. Granted, it was a really bad game. Oh, and it was on national television. Are these all the same people who drank the Kyle Orton Kool-Aid? The same dopes that still want Dick Jauron (with John Boy for Offensive Coordinator) as head coach? Whoever you are, there is a phone call for you. It is your village. It seems their IDIOT is missing.

Urlacher did not get NFC defensive player of the week honors. It does seem rather absurd. However, there are those who complain that the guy that won the award with three and a half sacks did so against the windmill known as (former Bear) Mike Gandy. The flaw in this logic is that Urlacher's accomplishments came in part because the Bears front line didn't do more against a Cardinals O-line that was maligned all week by everybody from the sports experts to the professional flashlighted baton wavers parking the car before the game. It just appears a little over-protective to an unbiased eye. Urlacher should have received the award, but not because of what the actual winner had to face. Players don't control the schedule anymore than fans control league awards, or tackle totals, for that matter. If some fans panties were any farther bunched up over this they could read Wednesday (today is Monday, ewww) through the red stains.

Finally, what are the chances that Mike Brown is still a Bear next year? After missing more than making the last few years, even if his body can take it, will the Bears still take his body?

That's all for now, watch where you step on the way out. Until next time, be good.


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