Friday, September 22, 2006

And Now, Your Newest Member of Fleece & Flog...Oops, Too Late

Since he already put in his two cents (or in this case, 10 cents...jeez, could you write any longer about yourself?), let me present to you, the reader, my revised introduction of our newest member.

Soxually Repressed is a small, middling man with a propensity for hard drugs and little girls (all Notre Dame bashers must die!), but his true passion is scrounging around in the mud for earthworms like Gollum. Occasionally when he's not feeding his face in the dirt, he'll manage to catch a sporting event or two on the telly and maybe in that instance he'll give us a word or two about what he thinks.

Sadly, he's not really the gambling type, so don't ask him for betting advice. But he can help you with all things Star Tracky. (That's the generic version of Star Trek for the uninitiated ones.)

And since I hate the name Soxually Repressed, I'm just gonna call him what I've called him all my life: Dub-ya. Yeah, just like that Dub-ya.

Don't sweat it though; his resemblance to the most powerful man in the universe ends with the monogram.

Welcome aboard, Dub-ya!


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