Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still Learning on the Job.

Two posts in one day. What the hell is wrong with me? Could it be that I am just now getting to the sports dailies? Actually that's exactly what it is. I just finished the sports section of the Chicago Tribune when I came across this little nugget about my all-time favorite athlete, Michael Jordan. At Trent Tucker's charity event, he won his first ever no-limit Texas Hold 'Em tourney against some excellent competition including Phil Helmuth and Johnny Chan and was balls-to-walls excited about it.

Everyone knows MJ and gambling go together like nitro and glycerine, but what gets me is that he gave all the money to charity. Not really. It's that he gave the motorcycle to Charles Oakley instead of the Miami Heat's starting point guard. Hey, if a black Jason Williams can fly thru the air, can't a white Jason Williams do it too? Maybe then the Bobcats wouldn't have to deal with White Chocolate's three-point stroke either.

MJ, still not cut out for GM/ Vice President duties. Sigh.


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