Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bye Bye Brett?

Well today we are going to hopefully put to rest a wonderful myth that has been flying around the sports world. That marvelous idea, that I so wish was true, Brett Favre will retire after this season. NFL network has advertised tonight's meaningless contest as our last chance to see Favre at home in front of the cheese heads. Although this may get a few of us to watch the great match-up that is VIKINGS at Packers, the idea that Farve is going to hang it up after this year is right up there with velcro hats and electric water wings. Lets take a look at the facts. Brett Farve is 37 yrs old. This year his QB rating is 74.8 and he has a 56.8% completion percentage. Brett has thrown for 3,315 yards with 17 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and has taken 18 sacks. Ok, these aren't the numbers that reflect a player who in the 90's won 3 consecutive MVP awards and led the Packers to back to back Super Bowls, including a championship in Super Bowl XXXI. That being said, these aren't your Pappa's Packers, they are a shell of the team we love to hate. Almost every player is young and inexperienced. So with Favre not performing, and a bunch of youngsters, the Packers are 6-8 with a mathematical chance at the playoffs. Granted this is mostly due to the NFC and its abysmal state, but this season has been good enough so that Green Bay isn't calling for the head of there king just yet. Brett Favre sits 7 TDS away from Dan Marino's record of 420 passing touch downs. A Record that he would definitely come back to break if he isn't able to do it this year. Brett Favre is going to make his 256th consecutive start tonight. Brett Favre is an icon and a hero to a town were football is life, and the only way he is going to retire is when the owner of the Packers takes good old Brett out behind the wood shed and gives him the "old yeller treatment". Hey, look on the bright side, us Bears fans get to watch our once mighty tormenter fizzle and fade. A sweet show that I for one, will enjoy.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Brett Favre may still have something to play for next week if the dice roll correctly for the Packers.

Added to Lovie Smith's to-do list: knock the Packers outta the playoffs. What great book ends to a great regular season that would be.

8:02 AM, December 22, 2006  
Blogger Soxually Repressed said...

Adding to both the "legend" and the chances of Favre's return is Aaron Rodgers blowing his big chance by getting broken to pieces in his one big shot.

Favre could be out there in walker and stay healthy somehow.

9:29 AM, December 22, 2006  

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